Methodology Deployment

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Project management and lifecycle methodologies provide a framework that allows teams to successfully manage and execute projects. Most organizations today do not follow formal, consistent methodologies. Once they decide to improve, they also need to decide how best to deploy a standard methodology so that it is adopted by the organization.

While there are a myriad number of options for deploying methodology, one thing is clear – there is more to it that just providing training. Many organizations think that if they can just provide project management training, for instance, their staff will suddenly become star project managers.

There is a lot more to it than that. Implementing a methodology requires that people change how they are doing their job. This means that the deployment effort should be seen as a culture change initiative. Culture change initiatives, in turn, require a holistic and multifaceted approach – one that has long-term sponsorship and staying power. It would not be unusual, for instance, for a large organization to take three years to successfully implement a new methodology, while a small organization will take up to a year.

TenStep, Inc. has the products and expertise to help you create a deployment strategy and deployment plan that is right for you. We recommend deploying methodology in waves, concentrating on the most critical aspects first, and then rolling out increasingly more complex and sophisticated features of the methodology as time goes by.

The TenStep, Inc. methodology deployment service results in:

  • A Current State Assessment of your capabilities
  • A Future State Analysis of where you want to be
  • A Deployment Strategy for getting you to the future state
  • A more detailed Deployment Plan that describes the details required to get you to the future state

In addition, we can also manage and help you staff the subsequent Deployment Project.

Deploying a methodology is not a trivial affair. If you are really serious about your organization adopting the new methodology, you must structure a Deployment Project and take a long-term, holistic view.

We’ve done it before and we can help you get there. Make sure you don’t miss an important step in the journey.

The TenStep Global Network has been accepted as a provider of project, program and portfolio management consultation by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is listed on the PMI Consultant Registry.

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