Here are a number of ways to describe a project manager using some unconventional terms (Not in the PMBOK® Guide.)

  1. Plain Talker (communicate clearly)
    It’s critical that a Project Manager manage expectations by communicating items that are factual, timely, and relevant. You are responsible for removing any ambiguity or confusion around a project through plain talk and crystal clear communication. A successful Project Manager also employs a variety of communication methods ranging from face-to-face meetings to chat to group presentations.
  2. Risk Averter (manage risk)
    Identifying, analyzing and managing risk is a key responsibility of Project Managers. You can have the best plan in the world, but there are many potential problems that will get in your way. You need to ensure your project remains viable regardless of these potential problems. This can be accomplished by monitoring and managing risks throughout the project.
  3. Obstacle Remover (manage issues)
    There are often real and current obstacles that will slow down your project. You cannot always prevent or foresee problems. However, once they occur you need to address and resolve them quickly.
  4. Morale Builder (manage staff)
    The project environment can be hard on team members. Things may not be going as planned and your team may be buckling. It’s your responsibility to keep morale high that they can get through tough times. This can be simple things like talking to people, telling them they are doing a good job and looking out for their interests. Use levity and humor where appropriate.
  5. Bottom Line-er (manage schedule and budget performance)
    It is your responsibility to keep your projects within budget and schedule. Projects consume resources and resources cost money. You need to be a financial steward of these valuable resources and manage them carefully. Always manage a project with an eye on your budget and deadline. When you start to drift, do everything you can to get back to baseline.

What do you get when you focus on the meat and potatoes of these five main responsibilities of a Project Manager? You become a plain talking, risk averting, obstacle removing, morale building, bottom line-er Project Manager! Who wouldn’t want to have someone like that heading up their next project?